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Will Dungeon Swap DND token be the Next Crypto Blades? Or Will it Outperform Crypto Blades in the Long Run?

If you have been paying attention to the Crypto Blades (SKILL) token hype? You will have noticed the massive 100x plus gains over the last month. I personally got in on SKILL when it was less than $2 and started playing Crypto Blades, all the while using my SKILL to buy as many characters and weapons as possible. I was hoping to get massive gains on the weapons I had purchased. With some 5 star swords, I thought I was in for a decent pay day. Much to my regret I should of just held the SKILL!!! SKILL skyrocketed while the weapons and characters plummeted.

The reason for this is the Crypto Blades developers were giving away SKILL to new players that were signing up to play, so they could mint their own characters and weapons. People figured out a way to game the system and were creating multiple accounts to earn as much SKILL as possible. This drove the SKILL price up while driving the NFT’s down. People were making a lot of money doing this.

I share this story with you so that you can hopefully learn from my mistakes! I still have come out ahead, but I could of done this a lot better in hindsight. I am preparing a different strategy for Dungeon Swap (DND) the next crypto gaming project to come out.

If you are unfamiliar with Dungeon Swap, it is a similar game play system to Crypto Blades. However, it looks a lot better. There is some level of strategy involved by the looks of the below sneak peeks. It appears that you have more choices to make when going into battle and that could be down to the fact that it has world class competitive role playing gamers involved in the development team.

Dungeon Swap in Game Battle Interface

The other reason I think this could boom, is the fact that you need to pay to play. That means that all the NFT’s you mint will stay or increase in value depending on the quality of the game play. If the game is addictive, people will be selling their parents jewelry to buy up that DND token to continue playing. Crypto Blades did this the wrong way by giving away SKILL, so players could mint essentially free NFT’s. Making the NFT’s in the game have less rarity.

Pay to Play Model for Dungeon Swap

I am excited to see how Dungeon Swap plays out. I have high hopes for the August 1st, 2021 launch date and will get in and play to see how the game play unfolds. If it can hold my interest more than Crypto Blades did, I am going to be incredibly optimistic for the price growth of the DND token.

I think the pay to play model is the best move forward for NFT gaming. It keeps the developers honest, because they wont succeed if the game play sucks. It also keeps the NFT’s in the game rare. As players will not be able to keep signing up multiple accounts with the free to play model that rewards you with free NFT’s essentially.

To be honest I think it could even be a better model than having a sale of starter packs with NFT’s that are to be used in the game. This model seems to make the NFT’s valuable, but the free to play aspect can reduce the value of the in game currency. As was seen with the TLM token in Alien Worlds. Because Alien Worlds is free to play that opened up the creation of Bots to play the game for free earnings.

We will only really find out over the coming months as Dungeon Swap is rolled out! I hope I am right.

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I would be interested to know your thoughts on this?

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